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What Will New England Look Like in 2020? Find out on October 5th!

Join Local Economy Leaders from Across New England as we envision our region’s economy in 2020 and make plans to get there

The 9th regional gathering of the New England Local Business Forum will take place on Friday, October 5th in Portsmouth, NH. The morning session will feature noted speakers and leaders in the local economy movement and the afternoon will focus on local business network development and programs.

Noted economist, author and speaker Michael Shuman will deliver the keynote address for the gathering, and will be sharing  a presentation where he envisions what the regional economy in New England might look like in 2020, and how we might get there.

Michael will be followed by one of the treasures of our movement, author & Institute for Local Self-Reliance senior researcher Stacy Mitchell.  Stacy will be discussing the state and future of independent retail in New England. Where independent retail is today, looking at factors that have resulted in consolidation to big box stores while also sharing hopeful messages about how local business networks have started to reverse the trend. Stacy will lay out a vision for where the retail environment could be in 2020 and how local economy leaders might help achieve those goals.

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Agenda (Subject to change)

8:30 –  9:30    Breakfast & Networking

9:30  –  10:00   Introductions & Welcome

10:00 – 10:45 – Keynote Address with Q&A – Michael Shuman, Author Local Dollars, Local Sense

10:45 – 11:30 – Keynote Address with Q&A  – Stacy Mitchell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Author of Big Box Swindle

11:30 –  12:15 – Keynote Address with Q&A  – Cheryl King Fischer – Executive Director, New England Grassroots Environment Fund

12:15 – 12:30     Closing

12:30 – 1:30     Lunch (for Afternoon session attendees)

1:30  –  4:00  –  Working groups to build local networks, including a focus on Shift Your Shopping in New England in 2012

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When:  Friday, October 5th

Where:  Portsmouth Public Library, Portsmouth NH

Session Options
Did your local business network contribute to NELEN in 2012?

***Note: If your network contributed to NELEN this year, we will refund $5 per ticket shortly after your purchase. This event is being organized by the New England Local Business Forum and hosted by Seacoast Local

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  1. Dick Boardman says:

    Buy Local Scarborough will be there.

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