NELEN To Convene A Deep Dive for Fall 2013 Gathering

The NELEN Fall Gathering Organizing Committee is pleased to announce an exciting new format and opportunity for our Fall Gathering, taking place in Dover, NH on Thursday, September 26th.

In partnership with the American Independent Business Alliance, NELEN will be offering an opportunity for networks to “go deep” to take the next step in growth and development for their organization.

As opposed to previous gatherings, where we have convened speakers and had workshops to discuss our organizations, our intention this time is to develop specific plans for your organizations to take back home that will help your network move to the next level.

In order to ensure commitment from attendees, we will be asking that all participants bring at least one board member and their staff member for the full day (two board members if no staff member is in place)

NELEN 2013 Fall Gatehring Agenda
9:30 – Opening & Welcome
10:00 – Shift your Shopping - An overview of the collaborative campaign and how this structure can be used as a lever to consider for plans made throughout the gathering.
11:00 – Break Out Group 1 (Fund Development & Membership)
11:30 – Break Out Group 2  (Program Development & Events)
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Break Out Group 3 (Advocating for Policy & Board Development)
1:00 – Mentoring sessions – 2 break out groups of 4 networks each will spend 20 minutes on each network and their specific needs
2:30 – Closing Process
3:00 – Adjourn

We look forward to taking another key step towards building strong local business organizations across New England on 9/26 with you!

Thank you to American Express OPEN for helping make this event possible for The New England Local Economy Network.
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